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Since 1995 I’ve worked for people from these companies helping them build their online brands, and I’d love to do the same for you

British Airways
“I came to Brian with a idea, he then took this idea and created a unique website. Throughout all stages he would share his design ideas and work with me to improve the overall marketing strategy. I would thoroughly recommend him, he is a true visionary with unique ideas.” David Mattingley

Advocacy Manager, Microsoft

if you want your website to…

Launch your new business, product or service

Refine and improve your online presence

Build a community of fans and followers

Showcase your unique personality and authority

you’re in exactly the right place

“I combine my website design skills with marketing and business savvy and decades of online experience to help drive your business your way”

– Brian Terry, Designer and Founder

who am I

I’m a website design and branding specialist with over 20 years experience, based near London. I’ve worked with high-tech start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, authors, speakers, inventors and successful entrepreneurs. I do things very differently, so I hope you’re in the right place.

what I do

I do all the web design work myself and when the project requires it I work with other specialists who are highly skilled at coding, writing, marketing strategy and SEO. I only work with clients when I believe we’re on the same page and can create something amazing by working together.

why I do it

It’s as simple as this, I enjoy helping my clients succeed by combining my design skills with the experience I’ve gained in other areas like business, marketing, project management and even software development. I want to help you create something that truly drives your business your way.

how I’ve helped others

MarketDeveloper bespoke web design and branding


Web Design / Responsive Design / Animation / Branding

MarketDeveloper are one of the pioneers of cloud based CRM who approached me needing a new brand identity and website to help them solidify and secure their position as market leaders. The logo concept was based on the ubiquitous forward slash of a web url. This was paired with typography and colours that gave them a friendly, yet technological brand identity. The website design included a series of dynamic animations that helped to communicate their products benefits and company core values.

“I instantly (I mean INSTANTLY) saw my sales increase by 25%! I’m just sitting here flabbergasted as new product sales continue to flash across my screen. Why on earth didn’t I work with you sooner?” Jason Potash

Entrepreneur, VTargeter

OutVeo web design, UI, UX and branding


Web Design / UI / Responsive Design / Branding

OutVeo is a web based project management software application we originally developed out of my own need for a better solution to managing my teams of outsourced workers. It quickly became obvious that if OutVeo can help me it can help others in the same way. From this realisation I developed it into a commercial software product aimed at entrepreneurs who outsource. This gave also me the unique opportunity to fine-tune my user experience and marketing skills, which I now apply to my clients projects whenever possible.

“Brian Terry is the best Web designer I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. In 7+ years online I’ve been involved in developing dozens of sites with a wide range of designers – Brian towers above them all in sheer creative power, professionalism (and, dare I say it) affordability.”

Scott T Smith

Copywriter and Author

Focused Nutrition bespoke web design and branding


Web Design / Responsive Design / Branding

Focused Nutrition are a forward thinking organisation providing an end to end nutrition bar production service to B2B and SME health and fitness companies looking for an easy way to add additional profit streams to their business. They came to me looking for a complete rebranding of their existing identity along with a lead generating website. The geometric design I came up with reflected their manufacturing process where their snack bars are cut into grids before being packaged up.

“Brian Terry is one of the best graphic designers in the business. His work is visually pleasing and technically perfect. I would recommend him to anyone who needs amazing graphics online or offline.”

Pat Marcello

SEO & Digital Marketing Consultant

Best European River Cruise web design and branding

Best European River Cruises

Web Design / Responsive Design / Branding

Best European River Cruises is a company specialising in giving unique travel insights helping people maximise their river cruise experience. I helped them with a complete facelift and overhaul of their brand identity, positioning them as a high quality and completely bespoke service provider. This was achieved through a content rich lead generation website letting people know they are the pre-eminent experts of European river cruises.

“I was so impressed with Brian’s work that I hired him to do 14 projects for me. They all looked wonderful and I couldn’t recommend him any higher! He was a pleasure to work with… and you don’t get to say that often.”

Terry Dean

Internet Marketing Coach

British Heart Foundation iPhone App UI

British Heart Foundation

UI/ Branding / Proof of concept

I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community wherever possible. In this case I developed the concept for an iPhone app aimed at men between 35 and 55 designed to encourage them to look after their heart and get regular health checks run by the British Heart Foundation charity. Although the app has not yet been developed it was more about seeing what was possible beyond creating a website and a brand identity.

it’s all about a great web experience

effective design

The success of a website relies heavily on how well it persuades visitors to take the actions you want them to take. I take a completely holistic approach which encompasses everything from usability to the application of your brand identity. This results in smart and user friendly web design created to help you efficiently achieve your business goals.

strong development

Don’t let your carefully thought through idea get in the way of the execution. Always make sure you have the right development team in place to apply your design across multiple platforms. Ensure the team can also provide you with a CMS solution that gives you full control of your website. Lucky for you, I work closely with a team of skilled web developers.

Great web experience

across desktop and mobile

Gain an easy competitive advantage with custom web design that’s adaptable to modern mobile technology. This level of functionality is applied to all of my designs giving you immediate access to a much wider audience.

Desktop and mobile web design
complete with an easy to use

Content Management System

WordPress CMS

what is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System, a software application installed on your website that helps you manage specific aspects of a site including blogs, news feeds and commerce. CMS can also function as an archive for all forms of online media like films, pictures and any other form of data. Essentially a CMS gives you full and easy control over every website detail.


WordPress is a free and open source blogging and content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It has become the most popular and well supported CMS now powering than 60 million websites worldwide. WordPress websites are also extremely search engine friendly, making it easier for you to gain significant free traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

plugin functionality

Building on a solid WordPress foundation I use WordPress plugins to create a truly custom user experience for your website. Plugins extend the functionality of your website in unique and powerful ways from integrating social media to optimising your site for better SEO. And If a plugin does’t exist I’ll work with my programmer to create one for you.

our clients are saying…

Matt Gill

Matt Gill

Hustling & Overachieving, Inc.

Brian is the ONLY “marketing web designer” I know of. I recommend that you get his services right now and benefit tremendously!

I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll see an increase in sales and conversions just like we did at Nitro.

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying Brian is the best web designer south of the North Pole.

Maria Veloso

Maria Veloso

Author, Web Copy That Sells

I specialize in writing Web Copy That Sells. But when it comes to creating “websites that sell” you need to talk to Brian right away!

He’s a genius at making your online marketing come alive and immediately grab your website visitors attention – at the most economical price I’ve seen!

Brian offers hands-down the best value on the Web!

Scott Krech

Scott Krech

Profitable Marketing Solutions, LLC

Your turn around time was super fast… Thanks again for making this such a painless and pleasurable buying experience.

Anyone that doesn’t use your website design service is CRAZY because they’re costing themselves money they could be putting in the bank!

I recommend you at every opportunity that I get.

what’s our web design process?

Stage 1: Briefing

I work with you to create a design brief that gives me a full understanding of your goals for the project.

Stage 2: Design

I’ll wireframe your entire website and present you with designs for the key pages for your approval.

Stage 3: Development

I’ll install WordPress and turn the approved designs into a live website that answers your brief.

Stage 4: Delivery

In this final step I hand over the keys to your new website, you’re now ready to launch!

here’s what you’re getting

premium service

To ensure you of the highest standards and quality in my work I only take on 4 full website design projects a month. This guarantees you’ll receive excellent results from the best service possible.

custom website design

By asking you lots of questions at the very start of your project it gives me a unique insight into your business objectives. This provides me with all I need to create a custom website that helps you achieve the business objectives at hand.

WordPress CMS

I only use WordPress because it gives me lots of creative scope within a proven framework. It’s also easy for you to manage when your project is complete and we hand over the keys.

fully responsive and mobilised

All of my designs are created with function in mind and work across multiple mobile platforms enabling you to reach out to an even greater number of people.

automated SEO plugin software

I’ll install a selection of carefully chosen plugins that enhance your websites SEO functionality.


enterprise class security

We install security software and firewalls that helps to keep your new site locked up tighter than two coats of paint.

Google Analytics integration

By taking advantage of Google’s incredible tracking technology you’ll know who’s visiting your website, where they came from, what pages they visited, what links they clicked on and when they left.

email marketing integration

I’ll integrate your website with your email marketing provider enabling you to build a database of potential new clients and customers from everyone who visits.

social media integration

I’ll give all your website visitors the ability to spread the word about your business, product or service far and wide on every major social media network.

some optional ‘extras’

Content marketing

I work with a skilled content marketing strategist who will help you build trust and drive sales as a subject matter expert.


I’ve teamed up with specialist PPC and SEO companies to get you all the paid and organic traffic you need.

Monthly maintenance

You’ll get access to the world’s best developers for maintenance and support keeping everything running smoothly.


Adding ecommerce functionality is a simple matter of installing and configuring the powerful WooCommerce plugin.

Brand Identity Design

Are you also in need of a new logotype or new brand identity for your business? I can definitely help with this too.

HTML email design

I’ll design a responsive HTML email template that helps you build your brand and connect with your audience.

time is running out!

I only commit to 4 new projects a month. This lets me offer you the highest level of service possible while maintaining quick-turnarounds. My website design calendar fills up fast and I’m usually booking 1 month in advance. Get in touch soon to avoid disappointment.








why you should work with me


Open and honest communication

You’ll always be kept in the loop and have a clear understanding of the status of your project.


Driven by your goals

Your website design will be driven by your business goals and your audience expectations.


Satisfaction guatanteed

I’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re absolutely delighted with the end result.

If you’re looking for a specialist website designer who will take care of all the design decisions for you, removing the stress of design from your life entirely, then we’ll work well together.

When I say “we” I do mean both you and I will roll up our sleeves and work together from start to finish, until you’re nothing short of delighted with your new website.

It’s okay to say no, I won’t be offended. The skills and expertise I bring to the table aren’t for everyone. But if you see a good fit, use the contact form below and we’ll set up a time to discuss the details of your website design project.

let’s talk website design

about Brian Terry

Brian is a graphic designer with 28 years experience specialising in bringing clarity and creativity to website design and branding. He sees website design being much more than about making a site look great. It’s also an opportunity to build your brand and start meaningful conversations that inspire people into action.

“Brian has a unique ability to interpret your idea’s & create stunning websites. A truly professional designer, an enjoyable experience from start to finish & outstanding value. Highly recommended I’ll be back for more!”

Mark Keegan, Entrepreneur