ALB watches

In this self-initiated re-branding of swiss luxury watch manufacturer ALB I used the opportunity to create a focused, distinct and confident brandmark clearly highlighting the company’s identity as a contemporary precision watch manufacturer. The main focus of the logo contained a mark that gave a stylistic nod to the mechanism of a watch, included the company initials and formed the shape of an infinite loop, representing time itself.

alb monogram.jpg
alb monogram gold.jpg


With the monogram focused on the ALB initials and simple enough to work at very small sizes, it gives an opportunity to build greater brand recognition on any surface it’s used, both offline and online. From the watch face to the brochure, the mark is always displayed proudly. As ALB would continue to the expand and grow their offering, the identity can remain impactful and effective.

AdobeStock_117268788 cropped.jpg

The ALB branding extends across to their brochure using angular shapes that offset against the roundness of the brandmark. The use of white space and clean typography plays a crucial role underscoring the precision and quality behind their watches.

alb screens.png

The website continues where the brochure left off, optimising the layout for mobile would play a critical part in ALB’s strategy for reaching the target audience and gaining a larger market share.