Creative solutions to complex problems are often the simplest. Anyone dedicating their time to coming up with big ideas knows that simple and easy don’t always go together. Nowhere is this more true than when designing visual identities.


Reactor Brand is the design studio of UK based freelance graphic designer, Brian Terry.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping brands of all sizes attract their ideal customers by realising their vision and goals through smart, simple, idea-driven design.

Working directly with clients and through creative agencies around the world, my experience covers the entire gamut of visual communication expanding beyond logo design into print, web design, UI and UX. This puts me in the unique position of creating visual identities that align at a deeper level across multiple disciplines.

All the projects I'm showcasing here are self-initiated to protect the privacy of my clients.


Scope of work


Branding services
Visual identity and assets
Marketing materials
Brand guidelines

Interface design services
Information architecture
User flow mapping
Wireframing and prototyping
UI kits and pattern libraries
Visual design
Responsive design