Give your practice the ultimate competitive advantage with a stronger brand that attracts more high value clients and projects.



Your competitive advantage is what you do better than your competitors and is the key differentiator that sets your firm apart. However, sometimes what you think makes you stand out isn’t always enough.

You could be the best architect firm in the world, but if your clients don’t see this then it’s not a competitive advantage. Or perhaps you offer a specific service that meets an urgent need of your ideal client, but if a competitor does it better that’s not an advantage. And even if your advantage is tenable at the moment, they are rarely sustainable over time because there will always be another practice with a superior claim.

No competitive advantage is as powerful as a strong brand. It’s a powerful force multiplier that creates a unique difference in what you offer and makes any competition irrelevant.

At ReactorBrand we specialise in rebranding architectural firms by applying a proven brand strategy framework that creates strong brands. We give you the ultimate competitive advantage helping you attract more high value clients and projects.

The Rebrand Advantage

Our signature branding service “The Rebrand Advantage”, is an entirely collaborative process founded on a proven brand strategy framework completed over a 4 to 6 week period. This service provides you with a strategic roadmap and a visual identity that paves the way to a stronger and more valuable brand. Clearly setting you apart as the obvious choice to clients who appreciate the great work you do.

Every rebranding project we work on follows a 4 step process starting with a collaborative foundation based on strategy. This helps to clarify your businesses purpose, find your voice, understand your customers and define your competitive advantage, ensuring that the design work is specific to your needs and clearly communicates your competitive advantage.


Discovery and brand strategy clarifying your brands purpose and personality

Brand Strategy Guide

Brand Strategy Guide

This is where we carry out a thorough evaluation of your firm through a series of questions that allow us to build a clear picture of your ideal client and where you fit within the competitive landscape. The brand strategy guide is created to help clarify your businesses purpose, find your voice, understand your ideal clients and define your goals. This is then translated into a creative brief and stylescape we use as tools to help bridge the gap between strategy and design.


3 stylescapes that set the visual compass

1 of 3 stylescapes created

1 of 3 stylescapes created

Stylescapes save time, reduce revision cycles, free up creativity and are a powerful tool in helping close the imagination gap between strategy and the final delivery. Based on everything surfaced from the brand strategy guide, three different design directions are determined and developed as stylescapes. From the three stylescape created, one is chosen to provide us with a visual compass to follow making brand delivery a more strategically driven process designed to appeal to your ideal client.


Brand delivery to define and perfect

Brand Delivery

Brand Delivery

The chosen stylescape from the previous step gives us clear visual direction to follow in this design stage of the rebrand. We usually develop three logotypes and select one for development and application to a variety of in-context mock-ups. This is where your brand may require additional elements like photography, iconography, illustration, patterns and more.

During the entire design process we constantly refer back to the creative brief and the brand strategy guide. This ensures our solutions are on target and the design work is specific to your needs and those of your ideal client.

Included within the presentation you’ll receive a full explanation of our thinking process and reasoning behind each design decision. Once the initial work has been presented you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate further until every objective has been met.


Brand guidelines share the vision


Having your brand identity applied consistently across all mediums is essential to the success of your practice. For these reasons we always dedicate the time and process needed to create and develop a brand guidelines document. This provides the information and tools that define the standards for using your logos, typefaces and other design elements for all forms of online and offline media.


Creative production closes the loop

The Rebrand Advantage includes steps 1 to 4 giving you everything needed up to the point of applying your rebrand to your practice. Because the final implementation of a rebrand is different for each architectural firm, step 5 is an additional cost service we provide that’s tailored to your specific needs. This can include website design, brochure design, presentation templates, environmental graphics, wayfinding and any other marketing materials that might be needed.


How strong is your brand?

The answer to this isn’t always obvious, so we’ve put together a list of symptoms that are common to architectural firms who need a rebrand. Go through this simple checklist now and check off all of those that apply, then on the next page discover the answer.

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