Craft and expertise

We specialise in helping luxury and aspirational brands attract high paying clients through smart, idea-driven brand identity design. To achieve this we provide a set of 4 signature services that combine to elevate and empower your business through all aspects of brand communication.



Discovery and strategy
Baseline evaluation
Competitive analysis
Ideal customer profiling

Brand strategy
Visual identity
Marketing materials
Additional brand assets
Brand guidelines

User experience
Content design
Wireframing and prototyping
Responsive design
Pattern libraries

Webflow CMS development
Squarespace CMS development
Support and maintenance



Every branding project we work on follows a process starting with a collaborative foundation based on strategy. This helps to clarify your businesses purpose, find your voice, understand your customers and define your goals, ensuring that the design work is specific to your needs and those of your end user.


01: Approach

Our initial meeting is usually informal, either in person or through a video conference call held on Skype. This is designed to gain a clear understanding of the project, what your desired best outcome is, our role as designers and what you can expect from us.

02: Proposal

If we see benefit in the project we’ll then put together a proposal along with the terms and conditions then email this across. Our email will say something along the lines of “if you’d like to progress with the project, we just need you to confirm in writing that you’re happy with the proposal and our working agreement”. We then accept the agreement via email and, at that point we need the initial payment that’s outlined in the proposal before we start work.

03: Discovery and strategy

This is where we carry out a baseline evaluation of your company or organisation through a series of questions that allow us to build a clear picture of your ideal customer and where you fit within the competitive landscape. This also helps to clarify your businesses purpose, find your voice, understand your customers and define your goals. 

04: Brief

Armed with your answers to the discovery and strategy questions we then put together a brief that compiles everything learned so far, becoming a document that defines the goals of project. This helps keep the project on track and running smoothly towards your ideal outcome.

05: Empathy graph

This is a curated, relevant, inspirational image bucket, or more simply a photomontage that helps to visually illustrate an understanding of your target audience, their life and their journey.

06: Stylescapes

Stylescapes are created once the empathy graph has been reviewed and approved. They save time, reduce revision cycles, free up creativity and are a powerful tool in helping close the imagination gap between strategy and the final delivery.

Based on your feedback of the empathy graph 3 different design directions are determined and developed as stylescapes.

07: Design and presentation

Once a stylescape has been selected we'll then have a clear visual direction to follow when entering the design stage. We usually develop 3 logotype solutions and select one for development and application to a variety of in-context mock-ups. This is where your brand may require additional elements like photography, iconography, illustration, patterns and more.

During the entire design process we constantly refer back to the brief. This ensures our solutions are on target and the design work is specific to your needs and those of your end user.

Included within the presentation you’ll receive a full explanation of our thinking process and reasoning behind each design decision. Once the initial work has been presented you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate further until every objective has been met.

08: Brand delivery and activation

Having your brand identity applied consistently across all mediums is essential to the success of your business. For these reasons we always dedicate the time and process needed to create and develop a brand guidelines document. This provides information and tools and sets the standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces and other design elements for all forms of online and offline media.

09: Creative production

With the design approved we also offer production consulting along with supervision and delivery of the final product in any medium.


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