Is it time to rebrand your practice?


There’s no doubt about it branding has the ability to shape and influence how your clients perceive you. And if you get this wrong you’ll find yourself constantly being sidelined or undercut, having to justify your fees at every turn and being seen as an easy to replace commodity.

If you’ve been there before it’s not a good place to be. I know of many architects who just want to throw in the towel and find a more satisfying career.

What they didn’t realise was when you take control of your brand by reshaping it and focusing it on the type of client you’d like to work with everything changes. You start attracting more high value clients and projects, you become seen as the preeminent experts, and as a result render your competition irrelevant.

Rebranding your practice might not be something you’ve considered before, you might also have believed that improving your marketing is the best and only solution. The fact is both branding and marketing go hand in hand. Branding leads to long term business value, marketing gives you a quick advantage.

Unfortunately, too many practice owners fail to appreciate the long game that is central to branding’s ROI. This is a dangerous mindset that leads to an over investment in marketing and an under-investment in branding. Simply put, having a clearly defined brand and brand positioning statement makes your marketing laser focused and many times more effective.

If you’re still unsure that a rebrand of your practice is the right path to take, we’ve put together a list of symptoms that are common to architectural firms who need a rebrand. Go through this checklist now, you might be surprised by what you learn.

Which of these apply to you?

Check off each symptom you identify with, then click the button to find out if a rebrand is the best solution for your architecture firm.

rebrandingBrian Terry