Fosters Architects

The challenge

Fosters is a practice of architects and urban designers with a proven track record of designing and delivering outstanding mixed use residential developments with a mindset anchored in modernism.

As happens when a company grows quickly, numerous visual assets had been hastily added over the years with little cohesion. Fosters required a clear hierarchy and strategic streamlining. Their new visual identity needed to give them a fresh face for a bold and best-in-class company at the top of it’s game, one that would ultimately help them win better projects.


Our approach

We quickly exposed the limitations and shortcomings of the existing brand experience during an in-depth strategy process working with Fosters executives and stakeholders. This experience helped us to uncover the dynamics of the company at a deeper level as well as the myriad of challenges that needed to be addressed in the rebranding project. It also helped to build a solid foundation for a working relationship that would sustain us for months to come.

Brand strategy revealed the importance of communicating a clear and cohesive message to their clients, one that would set them apart from their competition making them the obvious choice. It was quickly determined that a brand refresh would build on the awareness that Fosters has earned. Our main objective for the refresh was to mature the brand, create scalable and consistent brand visuals then define and execute communications that felt relatable and inclusive.


Visual identity

In creating a brand worthy of Fosters standing we quickly realised the need for a fresh approach. The solution we arrived at captured a sense of working in a 3 dimensional space with interlocking design elements that were both flexible and dynamic.

To arrive at the mark we took inspiration from a floor plan and the simplest form of building blocks to form the ‘F‘ as a supporting design motif. Pairing this with type and a monochrome colour palette provides Fosters with a unique platform to showcase their work.


Brand guidelines

The identity guidelines ensured continuity in the use of the monogram motif and how to pair this with the logo, typography and colour palette.

fosters architects presentation-02.jpg

marketing materials

Built on the new brand we were tasked with creating a retrospective brochure of projects spanning the past 10 years. In addition brochures for the joinery, fabrication and carpentry divisions were produced, each using a sub-brand variation of the core logo.


Website design

Weighed down by dense copy and repetitious content the Fosters website needed both rearchitecting and rewriting. We audited the content removing loads of extraneous copy and photography producing a wholly revised structure to design the site around. Initial designs continued the black and white theme of the new branding which added a contemporary minimalist feel. Making full use of the architecturally inspired grid system we placed photography front and centre. The abstracted monogram becomes a core component of the design, helping shape each page bringing the marque to life.


Scope of work


Discovery and strategy
Baseline evaluation
Competitive analysis
Ideal customer profiling

Branding services
Brand strategy
Visual identity
Marketing materials
Additional brand assets
Brand guidelines

Interactive services
User experience
Content design
Wireframing and prototyping
Responsive design

Development services
Webflow CMS development



The answer to this isn’t always obvious, so we’ve put together a list of symptoms that are common to architectural firms who need a rebrand. Go through this simple checklist now (you might be surprised by what you learn).