With a huge array of project management software platforms available to choose from, most at the time only catered for big businesses with internal teams. The challenge was to deliver a brand experience aimed at solo entrepreneurs, helping them more effectively manage their remotely located team of outsourced workers. But the real creative challenge came in developing a fluid user experience that worked in an intuitive and rewarding way.

I created a bold visual identity along with an intuitive project management platform that gave entrepreneurs everything they needed to create and effectively manage their outsourced teams anywhere in the world.


I kicked off the project with the usual investigation process every new brand identity project follows. This exercise helped me nail down the brand essence giving me a clear direction that exudes authenticity, clarity and grit.

But the visuals had a tall order: they needed to carry boldness and confidence yet have a relaxed feeling, all to reflect how simple, yet powerful, the platform is to use.


Depending on the scope of the project I usually start with creating low-fidelity wireframes to figure out the user flow, before moving to medium and high-fidelity. In total I built 40+ unique wireframes which is no easy task, but instrumental in gauging the needs of all page designs.


I worked closely with my programmer to develop the HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a way that allowed for modularity and repurposing across the project. This gave us a set of front-end tools and systems that made it easy to grow and expand on as people’s needs changed.


No great brand or online experience is complete without powerful imagery. With this in mind I created a photo style guide that details the visual language targeting OutVeo’s vibe and personality.

With a portfolio of photography as part of a clear brand identity system it helped deliver a consistent visual approach, keeping everything on brand.

Scope of work


Discovery and strategy services
Research branding
Branding Strategy

Branding services
Branding Strategy
Visual identity and assets
Brand Guidelines

UI/UX design services
User flow mapping
Wireframing and prototyping

Development services


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